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Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

by on October 22, 2012

It has been some time since we posted to our site. It’s not for lack of progress but lack of time! We are officially kicking up our social media presence and will be more deliberate to post organizational change, project and culture resources. We’ve entered the ‘Twitterverse’ and you can now find us at @calibrationinc.

Our work progresses both independently and together. The strength of a joint venture like Calibra-tion is that we are able to share in our work, what we are observing, experiencing and most importantly, learning. We both apply a shared organizational change framework and work together to evaluate and improve it.  Since training with Culture-Strategy Fit in 2010 we draw on their research and have begun working with clients to explore organizational culture and how it can be leveraged for successful change. Calibra-tion is also involved in the ongoing exploration of a human venture meta-framework as developed by Ken Low of Action Studies. We aim to apply it to the work we do independently and together and above all, it informs our thinking. You can learn more about this framework by connecting with us personally or by participating in Leadership Calgary or Leadership Edmonton.

So, what has been going on? Here are some highlights of the work we’ve been up to this past 18 months:

  1. Operational Excellence and Process Safety: It is no surprise to find us both engaged with large oil and gas clients in Calgary, as it is a dominant industry here. We are both specifically working on operational excellence and process safety related projects. The realm of Process Safety Management and Operational Excellence provides an excellent opportunity to begin applying our change and culture frameworks to real-world organizational challenges and opportunities.
  2. Leadership Calgary and Beyond: After many years as co-chairs of Leadership Calgary, a unique Volunteer Calgary program, we  transitioned to a new team and have been working on the development of a new Path Finding program which gives alumni the opportunity to continue their human venture framework understanding and build on their Year 1 Leadership Calgary experience with a community of like-minded people.
  3. PROSCI: We traveled to Seascape Resort outside San Francisco to take the PROSCI change management certificate program. This provided an opportunity for us to reflect on the integration points between our methodology and the PROSCI change management approach.
  4. Calgary Reads:  We recently completed a culture workshop with Calgary Reads, drawing on the training we received from Culture-Strategy Fit. Blythe also completed two social enterprise research reports for Calgary Reads, helping them to assess the feasibility of two potential social enterprise opportunities. To learn about Calgary Reads and social enterprise, read this article published by the Trico Foundation:
  5. Kelly Brothers:  We implemented a leadership culture survey and debrief, in partnership with Culture-Strategy Fit, for the leadership team of Kelly Brothers Productions. The results of this work will be included in Culture-Strategy Fit’s upcoming book “Culture By Design: Leadership Strategies for Intentionally Shaping Culture”. Stay connected with us and our site for more information on the book’s release.
  6. Mark Kozak-Holland and Learning From History Series: We have been working diligently on putting together an outline for a book on change and project management and organizational culture, in collaboration with Mark Kozak-Holland. We are very excited to be able to draw on his expertise and leverage insights from his work with the Lessons from History series.

Besides all this, Blythe was busy having baby number one, John, and is due with baby number two in November! Natalie, a self-described “health food junky”, gardens, cooks and writes for her popular food blog: Health Food Junkies.

Learning from Life

The year ahead is a busy one and we look forward to the explorations and learning!

Blythe and Natalie

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