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What do we need from Project and Change Management in the future?

by on December 17, 2016

Last November, Blythe and I hosted our colleagues and friends Mark Kozak-Holland and Ken Low for a unique discussion about project and change management. Mark is the author of many publications, including The History of Project Management. Ken is a founding member of the Human Venture Institute, an organization dedicated to the exploration of leading edge human and social development. The evening discussion explored the role of history, science, technology, innovation and the human spirit in bringing major human endeavours to life.

Mark and Ken’s knowledge of human history, monumental projects and change is remarkable. They both draw on case studies from history that demonstrate the attributes and capacities required for meeting the greatest opportunities and threats of our species place and time in history. From climate change to political unrest, the projects and transformation required in our future are unlike challenges we have met in the past. History can tell us a lot about what to do, but also the ignorance to avoid if we want to succeed. The stakes are high and it will take unprecedented learning and action to course correct.

The evening was video taped by our friends Chris Hsiung and Danny Cox. We recently edited the footage into a 26 minute highlight video. We believe it shares the essence of the discussion perfectly. Thank-you Danny for this video!

Sharing this video and revisiting the discussion is timely as we head into 2017. The winter solstice and holiday season are around the corner. A time to pause and reconnect with friends and family, but also reflect on how we can individually and collectively learn and contribute to a promising future.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.

Blythe and Natalie

To watch the video click on the image below:

Promo Flyer_Mark Kozak-Holland_LinkedIn

Let us know what you think!


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