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Speaking at PMI SAC 2010 Conference


Blythe and I are excited to announce that we will be speaking at the PMI SAC 2010 Conference in Calgary. The PMI SAC (Project Management Institute of Calgary, Southern Alberta Chapter) 2010 Conference is a professional development conference for project managers, business analysts, change specialists and the like. You can check out the conference here.

We will be speaking about Using Organizational Culture and Change Management to Create Sustained Project Value and Results on November 9 from 11:00 to 12:00.

Sustained organizational change on projects comes from balancing people, process and technology. Organizational change management is a creative process and includes a variety of methodologies and techniques. Change management adds value to projects and is increasingly included on project teams, improving project success, return on investment and sustainability. A key component in successful projects is understanding and leveraging organizational culture. Learn a simple and engaging culture assessment technique to kick off your project. Identify and diagnose constraining and enabling factors that will influence project outcomes.

Hopefully we will see some of you there! If you do attend, please come by and introduce yourself.

Blythe and Natalie

Calibra-tion on the Move


We had the opportunity to present our organizational change and transformation framework for the first time at Ethier Associates ( on May 19. Ethier is a consulting firm specializing in project management, business process innovation and business analysis, bringing business improvement through people and technology. We highly respect their work and we were honoured when they asked us to share our ideas at one of their Learning Forums – organized for their consultants as opportunities to explore new ideas and enrich their own experience and learning.

This was the perfect opportunity for us to start sharing our combined ideas for change and culture management and what building capacity is all about. We had about 20 people attend the session, including Ethier’s partners.

The subject of the session was “Understanding and Leveraging Organizational Culture and Change”. We presented our change methodology, our full-specturm model of change management, and the organizational culture work we are embedding in our practice and introducing to the Calgary market.

Our presentation focused on how to sustain change in organizations by focusing beyond the project to embedding change management, organizational culture practices and capacity development at all levels. In our presentation we referenced the book ‘Titanic Lessons for IT Projects’ by Mark Kozak-Holland. The importance of understanding the causal architecture or as many factors, context and history of a problem is critical to creating long-standing and sustainable solutions.

It was a great experience for us and the presentation was well-received. We are looking forward to more opportunities to present our work to other colleagues and organizations in Calgary. We’re excited about this work and want to share it!

Blythe and Natalie

Coming Soon!


Welcome to Calibra-tion!

Calibra-tion aims to bring organizational change and culture management into mainstream thought and value of business. With combined experience in project and change management, leadership and strategic planning Blythe Butler (Atticus Insights) and Natalie Muyres (Breathe Consulting) look forward to working with new and previous clients. They are both passionate about people, innovation and motivating teams to build the capacities required to effectively meet the challenges and opportunities they face.

We are working on content to post soon. So check back at a later date.

Warm Regards,

Blythe and Natalie